In defence of Canada’s Muzzled Scientists

There is a mountain of evidence that federal scientists are being muzzled; it’s time to finally do something about it.

My essay on the muzzling of Canada’s beleaguered federal scientists is now posted on The Tyee, and is currently the headline item on their front page. The Tyee is an award-winning site that publishes news, reviews and commentary not typically covered by mainstream media.

As seen on the front page of The Tyee.
As seen on the front page of The Tyee.

I comprehensively deconstruct the Harper government’s muzzling program. Evidence for widespread silencing of scientists is provided, and the policy changes that brought it about are described. I discuss how Parliament was misled, and how muzzling benefitted the government’s program of cuts and environmental legislative changes – with connections to the oil industry. The piece wraps up with a commentary on the role of federal science in society and the impact of muzzling on democracy.

My purpose in writing the piece is to provide a reference document for future work. There are around 60 links to background and source documents. Some of the original links had to be culled, and I will post the important ones in the coming days.