First Post

Welcome to my new Web site.

This new Web site will eventually replace my old one. It’s pretty bare at the moment, and will be built up over time. I have already posted an archive of my articles about science and politics, a number of which have been published by The Toronto Star and iPolitics.

Never give this man a microphone.
Never give this man a microphone.

I expect to do some light blogging. Sharing on twitter, facebook etc is welcomed and appreciated, as are any comments that you care to email me – see the social links below the title of each post.

New content is coming soon! I have just finished an essay on the muzzling of Canadian federal scientists that I expect to have published within the next week, and will post a link to it on the blog. It thoroughly deconstructs how scientists have been silenced, and makes the connection to budgetary cutbacks, oil, and the erosion of democracy in Canada. Stay tuned…

(Updated 15 September 2015)